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Rules & Regulations

Essential information for all eXoDuS members

eXoDuS was born of a somewhat tumultuous situation within another clan. Many of us left said clan in the form of a mass departure (which led to the creation of the, now much loved, clan name: “eXoDuS”).

Whilst a difference of opinion was the prime ingredient for the split, the view on a need to establish basic rules within a clan is shared by both. With that in mind, below are the two primary and most important rules to be followed by all eXoDuS clan members:

1.       NO HACKING:

·        No eXoDuS clan members use game hacks of any kind.

If you hack, or have used them in the past, please don’t apply to join this clan. Any member who is seen or reported to have been hacking (and it can be “proven”, i.e. video evidence, or spectated by other clan members) will be removed from the clan immediately, no second chance!


You hack, you go.



·        Put simply: don’t be a douche, either towards other clan members or other players alike.

We enjoy being a laid-back clan; friendly and respectable, and thus we don’t want our name tarnished amongst the gaming community.

If someone is giving you grief then give it back, but try to be the better person and rise above their level, by simply ignoring them.

Do NOT antagonise people purely for your own amusement, or because you’re in a foul mood.

Feb 2, 2012
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